TICC Connect

TICC Connect presents itself as a collaborative coworking environment tailored to enhance cooperation and efficiency.

It comprises a communal lounge, a modern kitchen designed for professional use, a contemporary co-working space, a conference and workshop optimized lecture room, seven exclusive private offices tailored for individuals seeking a more private and personalized workspace, as well as restroom facilities. In order to access the coworking area, visitors are kindly asked to subscribe to a membership plan that best suits their needs, our membership options are crafted to offer flexibility in terms of usage, duration, and amenities provided. Subsequently, at the reception, they will undergo both facial scanning and fingerprint authentication procedures to ensure complete freedom of access to the coworking areas. Upon subscription, visitors have the convenience of securing their place in the coworking space either through our online booking system or by reaching out to our reception staff directly. Reservations can be tailored to specific time slots or arranged flexibly, depending on availability.

TICC Connect Map

Communal Lounge and Co-working Area


The Lounge, serving as a shared space, boasts modern amenities such as a coffee machine, a printing machine, a microwave, a water dispenser, a spacious refrigerator, glassware available at all times, and comfortable seating arrangements. Additionally, the building provides a dining service on the Ground Floor, as well as access to three cafés.

The space features ten seats strategically arranged facing a whiteboard, creating the perfect environment for productive and collaborative briefings and meetings. Enhancing the ambiance is a high-tech large-screen television, perfect for elevating presentations, highlighting key points, and fostering smooth video conferences.


Private Offices

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The Private Offices offer a tailored solution for individuals or teams seeking a personalized workspace amidst the vibrant backdrop of Bangkok's Central Business District skyline. These offices provide an ideal environment for focused productivity, boasting abundant natural light. All essential utilities, including electricity and high-speed Wi-Fi, are incorporated into our private office subscriptions, ensuring a smooth and comfortable work experience conducive to full concentration on tasks.

Furthermore, we offer regular cleaning services and individual air conditioning units. Our dedicated staff perform dusting, vacuuming, and sanitation twice a day to maintain a pristine environment. Access to a shared photocopier simplifies document management, facilitating seamless workflow.


Lecture and Meeting Rooms


The Meeting Room is the go-to space for our members' professional needs, accommodating a range of activities from events and meetings to workshops and conferences. We encourage our members to make the most of this versatile space for their work-related endeavors, with the added perk of enjoying refreshments as long as it doesn't disrupt ongoing activities.

Premium Members receive 2 complimentary hours per month, while co-working space users get an extra hour weekly as a bonus. Beyond these allocated hours, nominal hourly fees apply, and we accept various payment methods like credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or electronic payments.


cooking like a chef

Kitchen facilities are available upon request, featuring a stunning array of top-of-the-line appliances regularly utilized at TICC's renowned gastronomic events, like the highly-acclaimed Buondee. Visitors are warmly welcomed to partake, with a gentle reminder to kindly provide one week's notice.

Members can explore all the possibilities with our cutting-edge, all-purpose oven, a true gem for culinary challenges. Paired with our expansive, high-tech refrigerator, designed to preserve flavors and freshness. Furthermore, the area features a spacious countertop, perfect for hosting engaging cooking masterclasses, workshops, and captivating product presentations.



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