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OSPITALITA’ ITALIANA is a worldwide project that aims to certify Authentic Italian Restaurants abroad by following the strict requirements set by the National Institute of Research on Tourism (IS.NA.R.T.). Under the above premise, our certification recognizes Authentic Italian Restaurants and our objectives are to:
– Develop and promote the traditions and culture of Italian food and wine;
– Enhance the image of Italian restaurants abroad that guarantees adhering to the required standards.

Ospitalità Italiana is a quality endorsement certification issued by the Italian Government to Italian restaurants all over the world that guarantees the standard of Italian cuisine. The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce certified restaurants in the Kingdom of Thailand, covering the following cities: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chonburi, Hua Hin, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Phuket.

In 2022, the brand is extended to Pizzeria italiane nel mondo (Italian Pizzerias around the world), dedicated to pizzerie that know the art of leavening and can offer a quality product, have a menu that shows strong links to the Italian pizzaiola (pizza-making) culture, and take great care to advertise their establishment as one that offers typical Italian food. The project is aimed at “pizza italiana” on a plate, and not only at Pizza Napoletana STG, to fully enhance the value of the Italian food that perhaps more than any other reaches every type of person in every corner of the world and is almost always a symbol of conviviality.

In 2022, Ospitalita’ Italiana is finally available also for the “Italian Gelateria”, certifying the quality and authenticity of Italian Gelato according to the 5 essential requirements: Machinery, Ingredients, Preparation Methods, Recipes, and of course the significance of “Made in Italy”. 


Awarded Restaurants, Pizzerias and Gelaterias in 2023:

Acqua Italian RestaurantBangkokMap
Attico Cucina ItalianaBangkokMap
Gianni RistoranteBangkokMap
Giglio Trattoria FiorentinaBangkokMap
Il BologneseBangkokMap
iO - Italian OsteriaBangkokMap
Lenzi Tuscan KitchenBangkokMap
Via EmiliaBangkokMap
Albero, The Modern GelatoBangkokMap
Acqua RestaurantPhuketMap
La Casina RossaPhuketMap
Little RomaPhuketMap
Rossovivo Ristorante ItalianoPhuketMap
Umberto's CuisineKrabiMap
Viva Rooftop and RestaurantPhuket       Map  


First Appearance in Ospitalita' Italiana (2023):

Da Lena Trattoria ItalianaBangkokMap
Medici Kitchen & BarBangkokMap
Pizza MassiliaBangkokMap
Pizzeria LimoncelloBangkokMap
Riva del FiumeBangkokMap
Zanotti - Il Ristorante ItalianoBangkokMap
Karkinos Khao LakPhang-ngaMap
La VineriaKrabiMap
Cafe' del MarPhuketMap
Maya BeachPhuketMap
Manzoni Ice CreamPhuketMap  



Link to the video of the "Awarding Ceremony - the 10th Edition" (2023):



Link to the video of the "Awarding Ceremony - the 9th Edition" (2019/2020):