TICC Alumni

Welcome to the TICC Alumni Program

At TICC, we are excited to launch our Alumni Program, an exclusive community designed to connect and engage with our past interns. This program is a testament to the lasting relationships we build and the continued growth of our TICC family. As a valued member of our past intern community, you're invited to be a part of this exciting journey.

Why Join?

1. Networking: Connect with fellow alumni who share your TICC experience. Build a diverse network of professionals from various industries and backgrounds.

2. Mentorship: Pay it forward by offering guidance and mentorship to current interns. Share your insights, lessons, and help shape the careers of future talents.

3. Lifelong Learning: Stay updated on the latest industry trends, advancements, and skills through exclusive workshops, webinars, and seminars organized specifically for our alumni.

4. Recruitment: Help us discover new talent by referring potential interns who align with our values and mission. Your recommendations play a vital role in shaping our team.

5. Brand Advocacy: Become a proud advocate of TICC's mission and achievements. Share your success stories and contribute to our collective journey forward.


Program Highlights:

- Engaging Events: Join us for networking events, panel discussions, and social gatherings to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

- Professional Development: Access resources that will help you thrive in your career, including exclusive workshops and skill-building opportunities.

- Feedback and Growth: Your input matters. Share your thoughts to help us continuously improve the alumni program and enhance the intern experience.


Stay Connected:

Your journey with TICC doesn't end when your internship does. Join the TICC Alumni Program and continue to be a part of our vibrant community. Reconnect, learn, mentor, and grow together. We're excited to have you on board.

Ready to join? Contact us at [email protected]

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