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BimBi Italiani is a project developed by the expat Italian community to promote Italian language, culture and traditions among children and families and to provide a point of growth, training and cultural exchange between Italy and the abroad. Through BimBi Italiani, children and youth cultivate their roots, make new friends and develop a sense of Italian identity. Through BimBi Italiani, non-Italian children learn about Italian arts, culture and traditions. BimBi Italiani is a non-profit Cultural Association headquarted in Italy, with a global network of over 1,500 families. In Thailand BimBi Italiani has a community of 220+ families.

BimBi Italiani's projects strive to:

  • Promote Italian culture, language, and traditions amongst Italian and non-Italian children and youth.
  • Develop phonetic and linguistic skills through innovative, interactive, experimental, and artistic, workshops and activities.
  • Develop a sense of Italian community.
  • Stimulate inter-cultural and social exchange between Italy and the countries hosting them
  • Promote access to Italian educational materials abroad.

Main Activities Include:

  • Monthly events to promote Italian culture and celebrate Italian festivities
  • Imparando L'Italiano: Weekly Italian Language laboratory courses
  • CREO cultural, creative labs inspired by Munari's children's laboratories and Malaguzzi's Reggio Emilia approach
  • Extracurricular courses based on Italian arts and culture including Italian Cooking Courses
  • Solidarity Projects like the "Christmas Boxes"
  • Procurement of Italian Books and Materials


BimBi Italiani Global Activities

  • Attacchiamo Bottone: live conferences focusing on issues related to the growth and development of Italian children living abroad.
  • Amici di Penna "Pen Pals": children around the globe connect with one another by sending letters, drawings, postcards etc...
  • Nonnolandia and the stories and fairy tales series like Zio Giuseppe and Le Mille e una Fiaba

BimBi Italiani also has a global network of affilitated partners offering services to BimBi Italiani members at discounted prices


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Info & Contacts

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