The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce’s Educational Hub is a platform, developed to provide information and showcase our education partners in order to facilitate easy access to the tools and resources needed to support a superior experience for scholars, professionals enthusiasts and students. Available resources within the hub include:

• Browsing the right education for your vocation in Italy and Thailand (Universities, Academies)

• Italian Language Courses and Italian Certifications (Prof. Chiara Gasparotti – Mind Your Language)

• Thai Language Courses and Intensive Thai Courses (Prof. Jom Nawa – Mind Your Language)

• BimBi Italiani– Laboratories and Learning for Children (from 0-6 years old)

• Finding the right international school or universities in Thailand

• Candidate yourself (HR Recruitment and Internship Program) You will also have access to marketing materials and information about building your business.

For further information, please contact us at or call our office: +66 02 2539909.