The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce’s Educational Hub is a platform, developed to provide information and showcase our education partners in order to facilitate easy access to the tools and resources needed to support a superior experience for scholars, professionals enthusiasts and students. Available resources within the hub include:

• Browsing the right education for your vocation in Italy and Thailand (Universities, Academies)

• Italian Language Courses and Italian Certifications (Prof. Chiara Gasparotti – Mind Your Language)

• Thai Language Courses and Intensive Thai Courses (Prof. Jom Nawa – Mind Your Language)

• BimBi Italiani– Laboratories and Learning for Children (from 0-6 years old)

• Finding the right international school or universities in Thailand

• Candidate yourself (HR Recruitment and Internship Program) You will also have access to marketing materials and information about building your business.

For further information, please contact us at [email protected] or call our office: +66 02 2539909.