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Unlock the Secrets of Longevity with Blood Age & DunedinPACE

Ever wonder how old your body truly is, beyond the number on your passport?

Blood Age and DunedinPACE Epigenetic Clock offer a captivating glimpse into this mystery, serving as your personalized portal to a healthier, potentially longer life.

Imagine a magnifying glass revealing the intricacies of your biological aging process, all through a simple blood test. That's the power of these innovative assessments. Forget birthdays; dive into the molecular level where the true story of your aging unfolds.

Developed by renowned scientists, these assessments leverage over 20 years of data encompassing various aging and health markers:

  • Blood Age: Utilize AI technology to analyze key biomarkers in your blood to reveal your biological age, empowering you to understand your current aging status and make informed choices for a healthier future.
  • DunedinPACE Epigenetic Clock: Goes beyond biological age, utilizing over 45 published studies to unveil your rate of aging, predict your potential risk of chronic diseases and measure your telomere length (a powerful indicator of cellular health and longevity potential).

With these insights, you can:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your body's aging process.
  • Identify potential health risks and areas for improvement.
  • Track your progress over time and monitor the effectiveness of lifestyle changes.
  • Receive personalized recommendations based on your unique data.
  • Benefit from expert guidance from certified American board of anti-aging & regenerative doctors.

Exclusive Combined Offer:

  • Save more on both tests (regularly ฿38,400, now ฿36,700).
  • Double the benefits:
  • FREE ฿1,000 voucher for VTL Longevity Formula supplement.
  • 15% off your first IV treatment to optimize health and vitality.


Limited offer valid from March 1st to April 15th, 2024. 

Service available until October 31st, 2024.


Invest in your future, unleash your younger self!

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