TICC members enlighten engineering students with Special Lecture

Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce members enlighten engineering students with Special Lecture

Bangkok, Thailand – The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce proudly announces the successful patronizing of a special lecture conducted by its esteemed members, Mr. Pongsatorn Pengsri and Mr. Fabio A. Cardani, at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. The event took place on the morning of February 7th, engaging over 80 students from the Mechanical Engineering Department in a comprehensive educational experience.

Mr. Pongsatorn Pengsri, representing Glacier Engineering Co., Ltd., shared his valuable insights into the mechanical engineering sector, emphasizing the company's specialization in supplies and contracting services within the oil & gas and HVAC industries. Glacier Engineering is renowned for its innovative solutions that cater to the demanding needs of these sectors. Furthermore, Mr. Pengsri introduced the students to his latest endeavor in the banking industry through Neo Midas Co., Ltd., outlining the importance of entrepreneurship in order to achieve success.

Mr. Fabio A. Cardani, a business advisor with a focus on the South-East Asian markets and a partner of Aermec S.p.A. for business development in the region, offered his insights on the air conditioning (HVAC) business. Drawing from Aermec S.p.A.'s position as a leading chiller manufacturer in Italy and a premium brand globally, Mr. Cardani discussed the significant impacts of new European norms regarding refrigerants. His talk highlighted the importance of these regulations in promoting environmental protection, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and ensuring safety in HVAC systems.

The collaboration between Mr. Pongsatorn and Mr. Fabio exemplifies the synergy between engineering innovation and environmental stewardship. Their efforts to introduce Aermec's premium products in Thailand and Singapore mark a significant step towards enhancing the quality and sustainability of HVAC solutions in these markets.

The Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce extends its gratitude to King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang for hosting this enlightening event and to the students for their enthusiastic participation. This special lecture not only served as a platform for sharing industry knowledge but also as an inspiration for future engineers to explore the dynamic intersections of technology, business, and environmental sustainability.

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