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Unicitrus Isolarcorp Co., Ltd. (Festilia)



Company Background (for Business Directory): Unicitrus was founded in 2015, seeking to fill a space in the market linking the European, Middle East and Asian markets. All Unicitrus executives come from corporations in agroalimentary, information technology, logistics and electronic industries. This mix of vast experience has enabled Unicitrus to fast expand its operation, supplying global vendor networks with high end industrial machinery, manufacturing processes, total quality control and the products and support they need. All of the above comes with total scalability and superior quality control as Unicitrus controls every step from agriculture till distribution.
Description of products/services: Unicitrus has in house extensive experience in supplier assessment, evaluation and management, as well as all relevant international quality standard requirements (ISO 9001, 22000, 14000……..). We have the know-how to ensure that traded goods meet the specific customer’s quality requirements, customs requirements, local laws and regulations. Unicitrus manage orders realization logistics and administrative processes with LEAN quality excellence level.
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