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Company Background (for Business Directory): Nestled in the vibrant heart of Bangkok, "The Unusual Trip" is no ordinary travel company. We redefine tourism by offering transformative journeys that break away from the predictable itineraries, plunging our guests into the rich tapestry of local life. Our Offerings: From the adrenaline-pumping bungee jumps and skydives to serene canal tours, electric scooter adventures through historic streets, and hands-on Thai cooking classes, we present a side of Bangkok often left unexplored. Each activity is tailored to provide a unique perspective on the city, its culture, and its people. Special Features: Our collaboration with the esteemed Bangkok Shooting Club ensures those seeking a different kind of thrill can safely delve into the world of marksmanship. Why Choose The Unusual Trip? Our experiences cater to those who seek more than just sightseeing. We offer authenticity, challenging travelers to step out of their comfort zones and dive headfirst into the heartbeat of Bangkok. Global Recognition: While our roots are firmly planted in Thai soil, our reputation has traveled far and wide. We've had the honor of serving tourists from all over the world, all of whom carry back home memories of a lifetime. Collaborations and Partnerships: We are proud partners with renowned platforms such as SK Telecom’s 'T-Membership' and Evolution Travel, amplifying our reach and ensuring quality experiences for global travelers.
Description of products/services: Bungee Jumping Bangkok: Elevate your spirit with our "Leap of Excitement" tour. Whether you're a solo adventurer or with a group, this is an exhilarating 1-hour experience. Bangkok Canal Tour: Traverse Bangkok’s intricate canals. Up to 15 guests can join this 2-hour aquatic adventure. Skydive Thailand: Unleash your inner daredevil with the "Ultimate Freefall Adventure". Available to groups of any size, this is a 1-hour adrenaline rush. Thai Cooking Class Bangkok: Immerse yourself in Thai culinary traditions. Suitable for groups of any size, this is a 3-hour 30-minute hands-on experience. Electric Scooter Tours: Bangkok Old Town: Navigate the historic lanes with a group of 3 to 7 people for 65 USD/1,999 THB. Walking Tours: Thonburi Walking Tour: Explore the quaint district of Thonburi. This 3.5-hour walk, suitable for up to 10 people. A Night at Bangkok Flower Market: Bask in the fragrant ambience of the Bangkok Flower Market. Up to 7 people can experience this is a 2-hour nocturnal treat. In collaboration with our esteemed partner, the Bangkok Shooting Club, we also offer unique shooting experiences, allowing guests to safely explore the thrilling world of marksmanship.
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