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Company Background (for Business Directory): Gfour Wine's beginnings trace back to 1939 in Milano, with a retail store. That year, Tonino Di Filippo, grandfather of Luca Di Filippo, takes ownership of a retail store on Via Vitruvio 7 in Milano. The GFour Wine logo has a blue core, deriving from the Gestalt Theory. The Gestalt Ecology theory is an empirical discipline that studies the relationships between humankind and the social aesthetic morphology of its habitat. Gestalt Ecology is an impulsive advice of the human mind. It's an interactive approach, a theory sunk in human history, which people have always been practicing on an unconscious level. However, it is still a natural element of every local community, and it has been ever alive. Gestalt Ecology can be compared to a sort of DNA that includes all the resources exploited interactively by the human being in the attempt to build his habitat, for example, Material - Expressive - Social- Technical- Artistic. The application of the Gestalt Theory raises an essential need for contemporary people: to study the interactions with the environment to play an active role in the challenge for a positive transformation of the territory. We are a team of professionals passionate about wine. At the reins is Luca Di Filippo, who motivates and stimulates his team daily through continuous research to guarantee uniqueness both in the product and in the services to the customer. The wines of the Wineries that GFour Wine represents reflect the authenticity and excellence that come from generations of experience in the vineyard and the cellar, together with constant attention to quality. We collaborate with wineries by establishing a personal, constant, long-lasting relationship. Our business relationships allow us to be competitive and exceed customer expectations with offers that differ in quality and price.
Description of products/services: GFour Wine has been efficiency and quality at your service. Attention to customer needs, product expertise, and speed of execution are our distinctive elements. Our portfolio comprises many companies that produce handcrafted wines carefully selected by our experts, concentrates mainly on fine wines with an emphasis on quality, whereby there is a strong relationship to the ground and tradition following the principle of organic and biological agriculture. For over 20 years, we every day research and select new labels and cellars to bring a constantly evolving selection to the Thailand market. The uniqueness of GFour Wine has resided in constant research on the Italian territory. Our team operates with outstanding commitment and passion for building customized wine lists based on the venue's needs.around the world. Gfour has been able to fast track brands to the market, delighting customers and consumers a long the past 19 years.
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