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T-Pack Thailand Ltd.

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Company Background (for Business Directory): T-PACK THAILAND LIMITED was established in early 2012 with the aim of bringing into the local market the same European standards applied to industrial packaging. T-PACK successfully managed to bring the adopted German standards into the trade as well as the use of new materials and solutions for industrial packing sector. With a work force of 100 local heads by foreign management team, and with 16,000 SQM space T-PACK is able to meet all customers’ requirements ensuring the delivery of a high standard of construction, fully compliant with the accepted European standards as well as the main rules on transportation by road, rail or see. Thanks to deep background in logistics based on 20 year expiries of in project cargo handling and shipping, we provide full logistic service to Industrial, the Engineering as well to the Automotive .T-Pack not only offers a complete job of packing but provides integrated logistical solutions from the distribution center (that include a Bonded WH) , to heavy lift transport ,going through integration in client’s supply chain management and 3 PL management targeting on cost saving and product conservations.
Description of products/services: T-PACK is specialist in packaging any type of good, especially product from iron industry. We have many products to matching with clients’ requirement such as solid wood case, plywood case, bundle, cage and skid, cocoon wrapping, 3 PL management, bonded WH, general and OOG transport for all destinations.
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