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Company Background (for Business Directory): Dalmec is the world leader in Pneumatic Manipulators with more than 60,000 units sold in the 5 continents. Through the incorporation of Dalmec Asia Holding Pte. Ltd, 100% owned by Dalmec S.p.A., we have set up four operative branches to cover the most important regions: Thailand -(Dalmec Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.), Singapore (Dalmec Asia Pacific Pte Ltd), UAE (Dalmec Asia Middle East Fze), and Vietnam (in the process).
Description of products/services: With our own sales team in each country, we are able to provide our clients with customized solutions for the material handling of the most diverse goods. Dalmec Manipulators can ergonomically lift loads from 10 kg to 1,500 kg using only compressed air, caring at the same time for the safety of the users and the products. Thanks to Dalmec tailored gripping tools and balancing systems, the operator is able to move the load in any direction effortlessly, in maximum safety and in virtually weightless conditions. Custom made to fit in the available space, Dalmec Manipulators are the ideal solution for handling loads in small spaces such as in transport lines, packaging lines, and production processes. Our local technical team guarantees fast response and intervention for any technical query.
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