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Cavagna Group Asia Ltd.



Company Background (for Business Directory): Situated in a region of unique economic, religious, and cultural diversity, Cavagna Group Asia is the youngest of the Cavagna Group manufacturing facilities worldwide. All over the world Cavagna Group has earned the best reputation for its high standards of quality and for its capability to comply with the most stringent specifications set down by international bodies and local authorities. A complete range of equipment for compressed gases, 16 modern factories and a devotion to quality and flexibility make Cavagna the real global supplier of solutions for gas control in the five continents. Cavagna Group Asia, is a production hub of LPG valves and distribution centre for the entire range of Cavagna Group products in the Asian Continent. Cavagna Group Asia is rigorously managed as an ongoing component of Cavagna's ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified. Now Cavagna Group Asia is present also with a showroom in Sathorn Square building: we invite all of TICC members to visit our showroom for a better understanding of our business and catalogue.
Description of products/services: Cavagna Group Asia is a one-stop-shop for the Gas industry, and in details for • Scuba diving valves • SCBA valves • LPG regulators • Natural Gas regulators • BBQ • Gas Appliances • High pressure industrial valves • High pressure medical valves • LPG cylinder valves • LPG stationary tank fittings • LPG bobtail / road tanker equipment • CNG / NGV valves • CNG / NGV conversion kit • Autogas conversion kit • Autogas multivalve • High pressure specialty gases valves
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