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Camillian Home for Aged Ratchasima



Company Background (for Business Directory): The project proposal for a Home for the Aged in Korat Province was started in 2013 thanks to a donation of 30.000 square meter land from the Korat Diocese and the signature of a contract between the St.Camillus Foundation in Thailand and the Diocese itself. The building construction consists of a Retirement home that Accommodate 140 elderly residents. Furthermore, a section of this Health-Care construction has been designed to host around 60 elderly people in Day-Care. The St. Camillus Foundation in Thailand entrusted Father Giovanni Contarin with the task of preparing a project and drawing up a financial plan in order to build and open the Home for the Aged Ratchasima. The project consists in 12 buildings of different sizes. 4 of them have only one floor while the other 8 have two floors. All the units cover 10,500 square meter of construction. At the end of the work there will be hospital rooms for the aged, kitchens, the laundry, premises for maintenance, rooms for the staff, a house for religious, a small church, common facilities for physiotherapy, open spaces for recreation activities and occupational activities, administrative offices and outdoor spaces for gardens, parking and recreational activities. The Home for the Aged Ratchasima is very simple and comfortable. The design is based on the experience within the Foundation of St.Camillus in Thailand to give all the people good quality of life and happiness in their last period of life. As far as the St. Camillus Foundation is a non-profit organization, the management of the Home for the Aged Ratchasima will be economically independent. Furthermore, within the project a fundraising department will operate in favors of those who cannot afford a monthly income to cover the costs for the accommodation. Your cooperation for supporting this part of the building construction will help 64 people with low income and in need of proper care to find dignity in a comfortable and nice environment.
Description of products/services: The Home for the Aged Ratchasima can provide different services such as: Residence Accommodation and Day Care in the structure or Homecare by assisting elderly at their home thanks to a team of volunteers.
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