Sales and Sommeliers

Bangkok, Thailand
Full Time
1 month ago

MAG MAG CO.,LTD We have distributed Italian wine and food all over Thailand for 20 years. Currently, we are looking for a potential person who is professional in sales and sommelier areas, with the qualifications and skills listed below.

 Job Responsibilities

  • A salesperson’s job position demands that he or she carry out clerical duties such as handling day-to-day operations, assisting sales team members, and making and receiving clients.
  • A salesperson is responsible for document handling, file making, and handling other kinds of paperwork in the office.
  • An individual who is a salesperson or sommelier in a company may also be required to work as a salesman on certain days and sell products or items, and hence it is his or her responsibility to have thorough knowledge about the products, goods, or services.
  • A salesperson is also responsible for fixing up meetings, ensuring that meetings with clients go smoothly, assisting the administrative department, etc.
  • A sales representative is responsible for updating cancellations received by the company.
  • every month and looking after the supply of stationary and other important supplies.
  • A salesperson is an individual who is responsible for taking orders from the sales manager and maintaining files, cash registers, and inventory.


  • Sex: Female
  • Nationality : British 
  • Education: Bachelor degree in related fields
  • Working time: full-time
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Specific knowledge: excellent interpersonal skills with customers and employees; knowledge of Italian and French would be an advantage.


Send CV at K. Golf