On June 12 2013 at Pullman Hotel, Bangkok was held the final seminar of the EU project SCRIPT. The seminar’s aim was to celebrate the success of the companies joined the pilot program and achieved the organic certification and to share the knowledge acquired during the project implementation.

The SCRIPT project was dedicated to apply self control procedures and third party certification to Thai products and services in two particular sectors, silk and spa, by using an EU-inspired approach.

The 30-months project, started in January 2011, had been managed by an Italian-based non-profit organization, Bioagricoop, in close collaboration with the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce (TICC) and the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce (FTCC). The EU contributed 80% of the project’s total budget of 500,000 EUR (approximately 20 million THB).

Third party certification is a widespread tool used in the EU as there is an increasing demand by EU consumers to assure quality and/or sustainability of products or processes.  The very aim of the SCRIPT project is to reassure consumers that Thai products, that meet International standards, are safe, efficient and good for the environment, thus enhancing Thailand trade potential.

For the Silk sector the project team has worked in collaboration with the Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture (QSDS), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. The standard selected by the project was GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards); the main reference at international level.

Of the 25 companies interested, only 5 were selected and trained to develop internal control procedures. All the 5 companies managed to be certified against international standards: 3 companies, Chul Thai Silk, Ruenmai-Baimon and Spun Silk World, were certified GOTS, first silk companies in all ASEAN area to achieve a so important result, while the other 2 companies, Thai Cotton and Silk and Bam Khumsukkho met a different standard, “Natural Color with Organic Fiber”, suitable for community based groups producers of handicrafts.

The project was meant to develop a Thai Silk standard as well. The project works in collaboration with Lamphun Brocade Thai Silk (GI), which succeeded in obtaining a Third Party International Certification, which allows it to register its products also in other countries in order to protect its distinguished characteristics.

All the Silk companies participating at SCRIPT were also promoted in EU through the attendance at Pitti Filati Fair in Florence, in January 2013.

Regarding Spa cosmetics, the standard selected by the project was NATRUE, globally recognized as the strictest standard in terms of cosmetics product quality. Of 26 companies that submitted their candidacy, 5 companies were selected to benefit from the advice of European experts on certification and from the EU fund in getting their products certified. They all have developed a specific brand that is now NATRUE certified: Secret Elements (I Plus Q Co., Ltd.), Panpuri Organics (Puri Co., Ltd.), Aka Organics (Make scent Co., Ltd.), Flavour Pro (Flavour Pro Co.,Ltd.), Green Potion (Nature Touch International Co., Ltd.).

As for the Spa services, the SCRIPT project has set up the “Thai Organic Spa Standard”, in close collaboration with the Federation of Thai Spa (FTSPA). The Federation of Thai Spa will promote the standard among their members and Spa professionals in Thailand and has assigned Bioagricert as exclusive certified body. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two partners was signed in March 2013 and will continue beyond the SCRIPT project which will end officially on 9 July 2013.

The cosmetic companies participating at SCRIPT were promoted in EU as well; they attended Cosmoprof Fair in Bologna, the world leading cosmetic trade fair, in March 2013, and captured many interests from the world’s buyers.

The SCRIPT project had been a successful experience for both Thai companies and European counterparts, as the certification is now capturing the attention of more and more Thai organic producers.

In parallel with consumers’ trend where there is an increasing demand of “green and natural products”, being able to offer certified products is an add value which can help increase selling price. In the context of ASEAN where free flow of products will be effective in 2015, Thai farmers and manufactures of certified products can be competitive in terms of product quality where price is not the only main criteria for purchasing.  This will help them earn a better living which help the economy of the country as a whole.

The SCRIPT project surely represents a good example of EU-Thailand cooperation, leading towards a strengthening of the relationship between the two Countries.

More information about the project, the results achieved, the companies involved and to access freely to all the documents and report produced during the project, please visit the Project website The website will be online also after the project end and it’s available in English and Thai language.