What is EABC?

EABC is a physical center aimed at facilitating market access for European business in Thailand, to promote Thailand and the ASEAN region as a high potential trade and investment market for European businesses.

The Centre is part of a wider strategy of the European Union to support the internationalization of European SMEs and to enhance market access, in particular in emerging and fast growing markets like South East Asia.


Who are involved with EABC?

In response to an EU Call for Proposals, bilateral European Chambers of Commerce based in Thailand have joined forces, together with EUROCHAMBRES representing all Chambers of Commerce in Europe and two sectorial organizations – Digital Europe and EURATEX. The German-Thai Chamber has taken the contractual leadership on behalf of this Consortium.

Together, they will run EABC and look to establish a fruitful partnership with the relevant Thai business organizations.

Read the supporting statement done by the president of the 10 Chambers of Commerce


What will EABC do?

A first priority for EABC is to become the voice of European business in Thailand. All existing Members of existing bilateral Chambers will be invited to join EABC against a marginal fee. The Centre will establish a series of advocacy groups to identify those areas where market access and business cooperation can be improved. European companies will be invited to join such groups, depending on their specific interests.

Secondly, the Centre will develop services which facilitate economic cooperation between EU and Thai business: seminars, flagship events, publications. This will be done in synergy with existing service providers, both in Thailand and in Europe.

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Join the EABC


The annual membership fee for 2016 is THB10,700 (inclusive of 7%VAT) or choose one of our exclusive sponsorship packages (membership fee included). For more details please click here.


For membership/sponsorship application, please contact:

Tel: +66 2670 0624, Fax: +66 2670 0608 or E-mail: [email protected]