Assocamerestero – Lombardia Region: signed a new partnership agreement in order to increase Lombard companies’ internationalization

On 7th June 2017, Assocamerestero signed an important partnership agreement with Lombardia Region in order to help Lombard companies’ internationalization on 54 foreign markets, with the support of Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad present in that countries.

Lombardy region is the main contributor for Italian export, giving 112,2 billions of Euro in exports in 2016 (26,9% of the total).


In particular, the new agreement will focus on increasing the support activities for micro, small and medium companies, including the following ones: taking them to foreign markets; increasing their skills in order to let them be successful in the new market in which they wish to work; creating cross border projects with the aim to ensure Lombard companies’ presence on targeted foreign markets; export-import policies’ rationalization regarding several kinds of products, like raw materials, semi finished materials, machines and technologies in order to promote strategic imports’ managing as main tool to make better local companies’ international performances.


Thanks to this agreement, Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad (CCIE) network ensures its efforts on taking forward its mission, which is a major Italian companies’ internationalization and Made in Italy’s promotion all over the world.


About this new partnership, Assocamerestero’ President, Gian Domenico Auricchio, says: “It’s the first time for CCIE network participating directly, through Assocamerestero, at the definition of development’s actions with the aim to improve Lombard entrepreneurs’ activities, through the increasing of know-how and market’s knowledge, with the major institutional objective of promoting these companies among every part of the world. Every CCIE, thanks to the strong relations with local business communities, is going to be able to give its help on business opportunities’ scouting, supporting agreements, productive and commercial partnerships between the companies, and – above all – on ensuring the follow up of promotional activities abroad.”